Solar Energy Services

Avenston provides a full range of services in solar energy: from full support of the initial stages of planning and development to the commissioning of a solar power plant and its subsequent maintenance to ensure the facility’s operability in accordance with the design parameters. Design, construction and maintenance of solar power plants are included in the list of core competencies of Avenston Group. Our portfolio includes both projects – novelties of solar energy in Ukraine, and typical solar power plants, in which proven and high-quality technical solutions were used.

Solar power is one of the most promising and dynamic parts of the RE industry. The annual increase in the capacity put into operation is about 40-50%. In just a decade and a half the share of solar electricity in the world energy industry exceeded the mark of 5%. Improving the technology of manufacturing photovoltaic modules has led to a significant reduction in the cost of solar electricity. In more than 30 countries (Germany, Chile, Australia, Mexico), solar electricity has become cheaper than that derived from traditional (oil, gas, coal) sources.

We develop and implement high-tech solutions for solar energy. The main direction of AVENSTON is solar power plants for businesses of all types and sizes. Our highly professional team of engineers and designers carries out complex and full-cycle projects, from the initial stages of consulting to the object commissioning. In-depth expertise in photovoltaic modules and grid inverters, as well as over 10 years of cooperation with leading global equipment manufacturers, allows us to develop reliable solutions with high economic efficiency!

Services of Avenston for solar energy industry:

Development of a "Ready-to-build" solar PV projects

Avenston offers potential investors to join our projects in the field of solar energy at any stage of development and implement them with us.
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Turnkey EPC for solar photovoltaic industry

Avenston is professional general contractor in the field of solar PV energy. We design and build both on-grid ground-mounted commercial PV power plants and rooftop solar PV systems for self-consumption.
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Engineering and design of solar PV power plant

We offer services to implement the pre-design work, design development and estimate documentation for different objects and systems in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency. We have extensive practical experience in design documentation for industrial plants of various types and capacities, as well as power grids and power substations with voltage up to 35 kV.
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Equipment for commercial solar farms

Logistics and Supply Department of Avenston has many years of experience in planning and procurement, supply of equipment and materials to the site. Preparatory work on the coordination of suppliers, cost and choice of payment methods of goods delivery, coordination with brokers and certification bodies in tariffs for services rendered, choice of optimal delivery schedule all of this work can be taken over our service specialists.
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Construction of solar power farms

The services of the Avenston group of companies in the installation of solar power plants include both integrated project management and individual construction and installation works.
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Operations & Maintenance for PV power plants

Service maintenance efficiently performed allows not only to identify possible shortcomings in the operation of the equipment, but also provide its guaranteed operation.
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Solar PV consulting

Avenston is involved in consulting activities for Ukrainian solar PV market. We helps our customer on all stages of their projects.
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Legal support of solar PV projects

We provide comprehensive legal support, including obtaining all necessary permits, agreeing on all legal issues related to the construction contracts, legal support for the import of equipment, as well as legal support of negotiations with energy companies and government regulators.
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Avenston designs and builds solar PV power plants of various types and sizes, including: commercial solar power plants for self-consumption, utility-scale on-grid solar farms selling generated electricity using a “green” tariff or market prices, modern facade-mounted solar power plants and BIPV systems.

Company provides services in designing, supplying equipment and construction of industrial solar power plants. We have long-standing partnerships with leading Ukrainian and world-class equipment manufacturers, as well as contractors who, if necessary, participate in our projects. Based on the requirements of our own quality management system, Avenston carefully selects partners to implement its renewable energy projects. With Avenston, you will receive high-quality and professional support, as with the full management of your project “turnkey” and within the framework of individual services.

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Recently, the demand for solar power plants around the world has almost tripled annually. This is due to the popularization of the renewable energy market and the decline in the cost of photovoltaic technology. Already today, many countries are abandoning the need to apply various models of state support, and local enterprises are switching to efficient electricity consumption for their own needs, taking into account exclusively market factors and trends.

We design and build commercial solar power plants of various types. One of the most important activities of Avenston is the general contract for the construction of solar power plants designed to generate electricity for self-consumption by the enterprises on the territory of which they are installed. Our group of companies has extensive experience in implementing projects of this type (the first such solar power plant was built by our specialists back in 2014), and the staff has the necessary qualifications, best practices and knowledge.

Avenston specializes in providing various services in the field of solar energy, including design, construction, maintenance and supply of high-quality equipment for solar power plants. If you have any questions or concerns, write to us! We will be happy to advise and perform preliminary calculations!


AVENSTON GROUP. Implementation of solar energy projects and technologies – engineering, procurement, construction, service.

Solar power plants for self-consumption

Avenston designs and builds commercial solar PV power plants. Power generation for self-consumption is an efficient and profitable solution to reduce energy costs for enterprises.
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Grid-connected solar power plants

General contract for the construction of on-grid solar power plants. Full range of EPC services, grid connection. Sale of electricity at a "green" tariff, direct contracts or auctions.
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Ground-mounted solar power plants

The company provides general contracting services for the construction of ground-based solar power plants. We design, supply equipment, perform construction, installation and commissioning, maintenance and service.
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Rooftop solar PV power plants

Avenston designs and builds rooftop solar PV power plants. We accumulated ten years of experience in providing general contracting services in solar power plant construction projects.
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Solar Power Plants