Project management and implementation of renewable energy sources

Avenston is focused on project management and implementation of RE projects. Our company has wide practical experience in the following issues: development, design and installation of power generation systems, transition and distribution systems (low, middle and high voltage up to 35 kV), commissioning works, turnkey project management in renewable energy sector.

The high-competency level of our specialists has been obtained through project realization as well as during skill improvement in Ukraine. It allows us to accomplish a full complex of services regarding engineering, installation, start-up services and maintenance. Our team of qualified professionals has acquired uniquel experience in the field of alternative energy and energy efficiency. Our qualifications allow us to perform projects of any complexity. We practice individual approach to each of our customer, aiming at the most effective problem solving and long-term mutually beneficial cooperation.

Successful implementation of projects is not possible without efficient management system. Modern methods of project management, the use of best global practices let us guarantee our clients a comprehensive approach and successful implementation of projects of any complexity. Avenston provides the whole range of services for managing business-processes related to the projects implementation, while maintaining strict quality control and deadlines at each stage and the whole project.

Our company provides the whole range of services for managing business-processes related to the projects implementation, while maintaining strict quality control and deadlines of each stage and the whole project. We apply principles of project management to all projects that we implement: from supplying equipment and materials to complex projects. Advantages of our clients who collaborate with us:

  • minimum financial and legal risks;
  • purchase of the entire set of services from one supplier;
  • minimum cost for the personnel in creating management;
  • control over the project implementation including safety;
  • quality control.
Turnkey project management and implementation of RE projects
Turnkey project management and implementation of RE projects

Stages of work on projects of industrial solar power plants

Aveston company offers support for RE projects under the principle of “all-in-one RE project provider”, starting with the earliest stages. Very often in the initial stages it is impossible to estimate accurately the cost and timing of the project, since many of its characteristics are still unknown or only discussed. For complex projects joint work between the customer and the general contractor is required. The main stages of such cooperation, for example of industrial solar power plants, are as follows:

  • Future project audit – studying of all available project materials (land documents, engineering surveys, network connectivity, weather and insolation data, available technical specifications and limitations).
  • Coordination of requirements for the facility (list of main equipment or requirements for it, capacity of the future solar power plant, stages of construction and commissioning, list of works and services of the contractor, etc.).
  • Preparation of commercial suggestion and work schedule.
  • Preparation and analysis of the financial model of the project.
  • The signing of the general contract.
  • Gathering and refinement of pre-project output.
  • Development and coordination of the working draft, passing of PD examination.
  • Obtaining the necessary permits to start construction work.
  • Equipment supplying.
  • Construction and installation work.
  • Technical acceptance of the object for correspondance with project documentation.
  • Connecting solar power to the networks.
  • Commissioning and trial operation.
  • Registration of licenses and «green» tariff.
  • Operation and monitoring.
  • Service maintenance.

In some cases, individual items from the above list may be missing or go in a different sequence.

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