Technical audits of solar power plants

The company Avenston carries out work on the full technical inspection of solar power plants. It is no secret that over time, any equipment loses its original characteristics. For a more accurate analysis of the real state of operation of the solar power plant and the identification of possible defects, we suggest performing periodic technical inspections of the solar power plants that are in operation. It is a timely and professional technical audit of the operation of a solar power plant that will allow avoiding undesirable losses during the generation of electric energy and, as a result, reducing the annual income of the owner.

If necessary, we carry out a comprehensive assessment of the technical condition of solar PV stations. Avenston Company carries out a detailed technical inspection of solar power plants, which includes a comprehensive assessment of the technical condition of individual elements of the photovoltaic system (including solar modules, inverters, control panels, batteries and transformers) and a detailed technical report with an expert opinion and suggestions for troubleshooting.

Scheduled inspections of solar panels are an important component of the operational efficiency of a working solar power plant. They are critical to preventing breakdowns and managing warranty claims with equipment suppliers. Quality control of a solar power plant is carried out under normal operating conditions under load and usually does not require shutdown of equipment. We recommend conducting a scheduled technical inspection of solar power plants twice a year.

Special tools allow us to easily inspect your solar panels and pinpoint a large number of problems. The inclusion of thermal imaging checks in the planned maintenance of the solar plants will help the plant to work safer and increase its overall efficiency. Such an analysis is advisable to do in the cold, but sunny seasons (autumn, spring) to obtain more accurate information on the state of the solar modules at your solar power plant.

Services for technical inspection of a solar power plant

Avenston carries out all types of technical and documentary audits, including planned, emergency and investment audits. With the help of this service, our clients can assess the real technical condition of the solar station, identify equipment malfunctions and receive recommendations on how to eliminate existing problems. Among the services of Avenston company for the technical examination of existing solar power plants are the following:

  • Analysis of work and assessment of the technical condition of the main technological equipment of the solar power station.
  • Aerothermography and visual inspection of solar module arrays.
  • Local ground-based thermal imaging and visual inspection of photovoltaic modules and other power electrical equipment.
  • Measurements of volt-ampere characteristics of solar modules.
  • Other standard and specific tests.
  • Monitoring the condition of the fasteners of solar panels, including monitoring the state of mounting metal structures, fasteners and connecting elements.
  • Assessment of the dustiness of the surfaces of solar modules
  • Identification of the main reasons for the decline in productivity with recommendations for restoring the design specifications of the solar power farm.

A technical audit of a solar power plant is the process of determining real indicators for further assessing the future power generation, the reliability of equipment and the continuity of its operation, as well as determining the cost of an operating solar power plant. For current owners of solar power plants, Avenston provides a range of services aimed at determining all parameters of the PV farm and provides qualified advice on eliminating existing and potential defects. For potential investors or buyers of operating solar power plants, Avenston prepares a detailed report on the operation of the station, estimates the generation and the final cost of equipment, and also provides advice on the real market price of the solar PV power plant.

Advantages of technical due diligence by Avenston

  • Cooperation with well-known partners who, by means of the jointly developed standard products, can handle every project with regard to the individual needs of each client
  • Avenston provides absolute transparency regarding the costs of a technical due diligence and the scope of services to be expected
  • Economical method to carry out professional risk assessments even for smaller investments
  • As our customer you have access to a tested and proven network of experts with many years of experience
  • As a Avenston customer you get exclusive conditions and discounts and independent advice from qualified staff


Technical Due Diligence for your photovoltaic power plants as well as many other projects can evaluate and shows the following risks:

  • Define and assess all relevant risks for the financing bank or for the investors to demonstrate the quality of the project
  • Incorrect system design, false component selection or incomplete documentation endanger the success of a project
  • Overly optimistic yield forecasts from equipment providers lead to misjudgements while making an investment decision
  • Unfavorable clauses in contracts can pose a financial risk for the investor (e.g. unfeasible project schedules in EPC contracts, disadvantageous O&M contracts, etc.)
  • Incorrect and defective installation despite good and detailed project planning


How are risks for the project identified and evaluated?

  • Examination of the entire technical documentation for integrity and plausibility according to recognized standards by experienced experts
  • Evaluation of the project and benchmarking of the result with valid values from proven forecasting procedures; optional performance analysis of the existing investments
  • Examination and evaluation of all relevant contracts from a technical and economic point of view as well as recommendations on how to secure them
  • On-site inspection by sectoral experts with technical expertise to uncover all potential risks due to faulty installation and implementation (also for systems in operation)

Long-term cooperation with Avenston allows you to avoid additional costs due to the fact that the equipment of your solar power plant will operate with predictable performance, reliability and continuity. If necessary, we will provide an emergency departure of the repair team to eliminate accidents and malfunctions, as well as the prompt delivery of new equipment and components instead of worn out to fully restore the operability of your solar energy facility. We are ready to become your reliable and long-term partner who will take care of the maintenance of solar panels, your energy independence and safety. Avenston is your trusted partner at all stages of the life cycle of any projects in the field of solar energy.