Solar power plant for car washes and service stations

Solar power plants are widely used to supply power to service stations, gas stations, car washes and other automotive infrastructure. Solar panels can be installed both on the roofs of service stations and gas stations, and next to them on ground structures or in the form of various solar sheds, including those that function as covered parking lots for cars. More and more often, such solar awnings are combined with charging stations for electric vehicles.

One example of a solar power plant for car service enterprises is the Truk-Solar project. A rooftop solar power plant was installed on the territory of a service enterprise that maintains trucks, trucks, and other heavy vehicles. Solar power plants for service stations can significantly reduce energy costs and improve the environmental friendliness of their business.

Why Vehicle Service Stations opt for Solar?

  • Solar power costs less and is a more reliable source of electricity because it is impervious to fluctuation in the market.
  • By reducing operational costs, more efficient business is created leading to a more sustainable business and job security.
  • Solar PV systems turn unused or underused space (rooftops, carports, outlying land, etc.) into cash flow streams and savings. It allows to extract more value from land and buildings.
  • A reduction of CO₂ emissions by using clean electricity. Solar has less negative impact on the environment compared to any other energy source. It does not produce greenhouse gases and does not pollute the water.

As result, solar energy is a sound investment for service stations as well as a variety of other businesses. Avenston can help you to calculate and implement any PV system for your core business. We design and build solar power plants on roofs, facades or land plots.

Services Avenston

Our company builds solar power plants for service stations and car washes. We design and build any solar power plants, as well as provide services for their subsequent maintenance. Avenston’s commercial solar power plant is a reliable and profitable investment in solar energy.


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