Монтаж кабельных линий

MV and HV Cable Lines

We offer a range of services and works required for laying (re-laying) cable lines with voltage from 0.4 to 35 kV. Cable lines are the optimal solution for the transmission of electricity to consumers from any power plants (including solar power plants), power substations and transformer stations.

Cable power lines have undoubted advantages that contribute to their increasingly widespread use:

  • isolated from the influence of atmospheric precipitation, lightning strikes, sudden temperature changes;
  • reliably protected from external mechanical loads;
  • do not require the allocation of territory for the installation of supporting structures;
  • do not create physical obstacles and visual “noise”;
  • do not require large security zones;
  • low-hazardous for people and animals.

Our experts will help you to resolve all issues related to the installation of cable lines:

  • Performing technical calculations and designing of cable systems;
  • Approval of the relevant sections of the project documentation;
  • Input tests and control of cabling and wiring products, including rejection or repair of identified defects;
  • Excavation work, including punctures under roads;
  • Laying of cable lines in compliance with all regulations, requirements and norms;
  • Acceptance tests and execution of as-built documentation;
  • Connecting the cable line to the consumer;
  • Restoration of landscaping (if necessary);
  • Acceptance of the constructed cable system for operation.

We carry out the construction of cable lines for all types of objects, including power plants using renewable energy sources (solar, wind, etc.). Avenston provides services to customers from various industries such as energy, industry, trade, logistics, commercial real estate and many others. Our company will help you to implement a project of any complexity in the shortest possible time, in compliance with all the requirements for the quality and reliability of the finished cable system.