Energy storage systems

Energy storage systems (ESS) are modern technology that can give a new impetus to the development of the entire solar energy industry. The problem of the possibility of accurate forecasting of solar generation from industrial solar power plants and potential penalties for imbalances in case of a mismatch between the forecast and the fact contribute to the prospects for a wider introduction of energy storage systems in new and existing projects of industrial solar power plants.

Avenston offers a full range of services for the implementation of ESS technologies for solar power plants and other facilities. We will be able to select the most optimal solutions, design, equip and build a system of energy storage of any complexity. The scope of Avenston’ services at implementation of the energy storage systems projects can include the following:

  • Design, fabricate, ship, installation or installation supervising, testing, startup, make ready for service a fully functional ESS that meets customer’s requirements.
  • All equipment, materials, labor and tools required to installation assistance, test, and supervising commissioning of the ESS.
  • Assistance at installation of the electrical connection line from the ESS to the AC point of connection.
  • On-site training for operators, engineers, technicians and maintenance personnel.
  • Supply of any special equipment and tools required for the operation and maintenance of the project in the case of necessity.
  • Supply an initial complement of spare parts upon the request.
  • Warranty for all components of energy storage systems.
  • As-built documentation including design, equipment and electrical connections drawings.

Our commissioning program includes, but not be limited to, procedures for design verification, operational acceptance testing, start-up procedures, functional acceptance testing and safety testing.

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