Operations & Maintenance of Solar Power Plants

The provision of Operations and Maintenance (O&M) services has been emerging as an important field for the photovoltaic (PV) sector. Over the last couple of years there have been major developments in this part of the value chain and there is no doubt that demand for O&M services worldwide will only increase. The universal recognition of the positive factual impact that professional O&M has on the technical and economic lifetime performance of solar PV system, especially in a period with many changes in the regulatory and support scheme environment, supports that forecast.

Avenston pay a great attention to the development of technical and service maintenance of power supply and power generating systems. Service maintenance can be routine, non-routine, as well as upon some event (equipment failure or fault). The implementation of service support by our specialists is possible for any equipment. The availability of special equipment, spare parts, and highly skilled staff can prevent or solve problems of any complexity at the highest priority as soon as possible.

Our company performs:

  • Detailed analysis of the technical condition of equipment;
  • Software support after commissioning work implementation;
  • Execution of works by the electrical laboratory;
  • Execution of the full range of scheduled maintenance;
  • Trouble-shooting processes;
  • Preventive maintenance;
  • Consultation.

Upon сustomer’s request, the modernization of the existing systems is possible, which provides expanding their functionality of the installed systems. Service maintenance efficiently performed allows not only to identify possible shortcomings in the operation of the equipment, but also provide its guaranteed operation.

The benefits resulting from our service support:

  • Guaranteed high level of service;
  • Optimization and ability to schedule servicing and repair costs;
  • Minimization of business risks by downtime reducing and prevention of possible accidents;
  • Transfer of responsibility for maintenance;
  • Application of advanced technologies and techniques;
  • Responsiveness.

All the evidence points towards the fact that Operations and Maintenance are being recognized for their critical role in optimizing photovoltaic solar power assets. O&M has long evolved from the days of being an add-on to Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contracts and has charted its own course to become a standalone industry that is seen as a critical component in the solar energy value chain.

Many investors are more interested in reducing risk than maximizing internal rate of return (IRR). Investors would prefer 5% IRR with 100% certainty over 10% IRR with 50% certainty, although the two are of statistically equivalent value. Investors will make an investment decision based on mitigating performance risk with effective O&M, and then the financing rates are determined mainly through competition from other banks. Standardization of O&M practices will facilitate both investor analyses of risk factors as well as securitization of PV asset cash flows. Risk reduced by effective O&M will enable banks to qualify more projects, and that will eventually increase competition and reduce borrowing costs.

The market for services around solar PV assets is changing and becoming increasingly mature. This leads to the observation, that O&M is becoming a business and is separating from EPC, which it was attached to in the early years of the industry. The O&M business across Europe is also consolidating and specialised companies are offering their services. In these guidelines O&M focuses on the technical operations and maintenance services for utility-scale PV power plants. Asset management, which is also a very important piece of PV plant ownership, is seen to cover all the commercial and administrative activities of importance during the lifetime of the plant.

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