Co-investment and partnership

The Avenston Group has been an investor and partner in several projects related to the use of solar energy and other RES. In addition, we diversify our portfolio and actively invest in related areas.

The priority area of ​​our investment activity is the search and implementation of projects on partnership terms. The Avenston Group is considering investment opportunities and is ready to enter projects as a partner, and also invites investors to join our projects. We consider investments both in promising startups and in the expansion of existing businesses.

The company’s experts systematically analyze and carefully select investment opportunities in the field of renewable energy, commercial real estate and the agricultural sector. Our focus is on projects that are primarily related to the use of solar energy, BESS, geothermal energy sources and other renewable energy sources. The introduction of IT technologies to improve the efficiency of projects in the above areas is also one of the focuses of the Avenston Group.

Interview with new CEO of Avenston

Today we are talking with Viktoria Petrovich who is the new CEO of Avenston LLC. We will discuss her plans and view of the future company's activities in Ukraine and abroad.
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Warehouse logistics in Ukraine is a promising market for investors

Warehouse logistics is a promising area of investment. There is a shortage of high-quality Class A warehouses and specialized hubs in Ukraine.
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Hydrogen as the future opportunity for renewables

Energy efficiency and sustainability are two important factors driving the transition from the fossil fuel–based economy to a circular economy, that is, a renewable circular sustainable fuel utilization cycle that will characterize the highly efficient engineering and the energy technological choices of the current century.
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Solar Energy Evolution during COVID 19 talked to Dmytro Lukomskyi, CEO and founder of Avenston Group, co-founder of Rentechno, member of the Board of the Association of Solar Energy of Ukraine
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