Engineering and design in industrial construction and renewable energy

We offer services to implement the pre-design work, design development and estimate documentation for different objects and systems in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency. We have extensive practical experience in design documentation for industrial plants of various types and capacities, as well as power grids and power substations with voltage up to 35 kV. Many of our projects have been successfully implemented and brought to the stage of commercial operation. Our company during years of intensive work has accumulated a lot of experience in the design, coordination, operation and maintenance of RE power plants. We provide services for implementation of pre-engineering surveys, perform simplified technical and economic calculations or develop more complex feasibility study, prepare preliminary and detailed designs, as well as develop specialized design solutions. Some of our project services:

  •  design and survey works
  •  sketch project (preliminary design);
  •  project documentation;
  •  detailed design documentation;
  •  documents estimation;
  •  supervision.


Design of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems

The specialists of the Avenston company have the necessary qualifications and experience, which allow us to design climate systems at the level of the most modern standards and requirements in this area. We ensure the maximum efficiency of the proposed technical solutions.
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Design of power supply systems

Avenston company provides services for the design of power supply systems for various types of facilities. The reliability of the power grid, the uninterrupted operation of electrical equipment and the absence of excess losses energy resources depend on the correct design.
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Technical Feasibility Study

Avenston can prepare Simulation or Technicl Feasibility Study of your project.
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Design of Solar PV Power Plants

Avenston designs and finds the best decisions for construction of photovoltaic power stations of any complication and specification.
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Pre-design works and services

Our company as a general contractor is ready to offer you our services for implementation of topological and geological surveys
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Engineering Outsourcing

Avenston is an engineering outsourcing provider with practical experience on Ukrainian and international market and have got big portfolio of projects with various difficulty levels.
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