Jinko Solar

Jinko solar batteries

Jinko Solar is one of world-recognized leaders in production of solar energy equipment (permanent top-5 position in the of Tier-1 list of solar batteries manufacturers). The company created vertically integrated equipment production chain, that allows to produce  solar modules and panels with total power over 15 GW annually. Jinko Solar includes more than 15 thousand of employees, 6 production facilities; employees in China, South Africa and Portugal, 15 daughter companies abroad (two of them are in Japan, others are located in India, Germany, Turkey, Singapore, Brazil, Australia, Chile, Canada, USA, Switzerland, Mexico, South Africa).

Jinko Solar batteries have many advantages:

  • Solar modules are configured with four-tire photocells, such construction allows to achieve power generation with minimum losses from whole panel surface. Thus the opportunity to level up a solar module productivity to 21% was opened, it is one of the highest rates at the solar energy market.
  • The use of progressive texturized glass surface and photocells allowed to increase rates of electric power generation under low luminosity conditions.
  • Special blue antispeck covering allowed to decrease sunbeam reflectivity, thus solar modules convert more solar energy into electricity.
  • Use of texturized surface and antispeck covering allowed to design solar modules with esthetically expressive original appearance, making it recognizable and modern.
  • Jinko Solar panels are able to maintain very large external load, that is confirmed by corresponding certificates: maximum aerodynamic (wind) load is 2,4 kPa, snow load is 5,4 kPa.
  • TUV NORD certificate guarantees protection level against ammonia and salt influence.