Engineering and design

We offer services to implement the pre-design work, design development and estimate documentation for different objects and systems in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency. We have extensive practical experience in design documentation for industrial plants of various types and capacities, as well as power grids and power substations with voltage up to 35 kV. Many of our projects have been successfully implemented and brought to the stage of commercial operation. Our company during years of intensive work has accumulated a lot of experience in the design, coordination, operation and maintenance of RE power plants. We provide services for implementation of pre-engineering surveys, perform simplified technical and economic calculations or develop more complex feasibility study, prepare preliminary and detailed designs, as well as develop specialized design solutions.

Pre-design works

Construction of power plants is complex project which requires a lot of capital investments and time. It is necessary to perform all work on project engineering to reduce potential risks. Our company as a general contractor is ready to offer you our services for implementation of topological and geological surveys, testing the bearing capacity of buildings and structures.

Power plants modeling and simulating

Usually, design begins with technical modeling and simulation of the future project in different modes. The peculiarity of the renewable energy industry is that with the right technical implementation of the project, even a slight increase in the specific generation of many years of operation, the owner of the power plant brings a very large additional profit, which requires the initial stages of the relatively small additional cost. Proper modeling will take into account the individual characteristics of a specific geographic location, as well as equipment selection, which will be the most optimal. Our design and engineering department with the shortest possible time is able to arrange power plant modeling of power plant you need and provide you with our recommendations as per design documentation development.

Engineering solutions introduced by our company take into account individual characteristics of the object, and often are quite complex technical systems. In cases where the customer’s requirements cannot met using common solutions, we can evaluate and design solutions which can meet specific terms of technical requirements. We can make full engineering, from pre-design and feasibility study until development and improvement of design documentation.

Design documentation

We have all the necessary licenses and permits required for provision of such services. Working with our company, you will get the best solutions, taking into account all the nuances of your object and the current realities of the market. Project documentation is performed in accordance with applicable national standards and ISO standards and can be quickly agreed with the relevant authorities, which greatly reduces the total time of construction and commissioning of solar power.

Our design department should be solely an individual approach to each customer and working on each project with maximum consideration of all its specificity. Our main advantage — is the fulfillment of the basic design sections of their own, have experience in the design of complex energy facilities, development of several design decisions and their subsequent comparison and justification.