SOLRIF® photovoltaic in-roof mounting system

SOLRIF®, the patented photovoltaic in-roof mounting system by Schweizer, turns a frameless standard module into a solar power generating roof tile; thus, replacing traditional clay roof tiling of pitched roofs. Unlike on-roof systems, this roof integrated mounting system is a true alternative to conventional roof covers. SOLRIF ® is suited for new builds and for re-roofing, substituting traditional roof tiles and providing a wide range of advantages. Roof solar power plants based on the SOLRIF® system are not mounted on top of the roof covering (tiles), but are applied instead of such roofing.

Key advantages of SOLRIF® mounting system:

  • Substitutes conventional roof cladding.
  • As weather-tight as a traditionally tiled roof.
  • Aesthetically superior solution.
  • Tried and tested in thousands of roofs for more than 10 years.
  • Higher surface yield due to narrow frame profiles.
  • Good ventilation due to sleek frame profile.
  • Simple and efficient installation.
  • Weather-protected cabling.
  • For roof pitches between 10 and 70 degrees (lowerslopes require rain-proof or water-tight substructure).
  • Tile replacement = smaller carbon footprint.
  • Easy to service.
  • Requires no maintenance.

Easy Installation – the modules are held by metal clamps that are mounted to the roof battens. This allows for quick and easy installation.

Optimal Weather-tightness – frames are shingled from top to bottom and are interlocking left to right much like tiles for optimal weather protection.

Accessories of SOLRIF system for fixing solar modules:


1. Mage flex aluminum sealing tape.
2. Fixing for flashing.
3. Mounting clamp (glass & profile).
4. Pan head screw (4.5×35).
5. Aluminum flashing side left.
6. Aluminum flashing profile left.
7. Mounting board 120 x 30mm.
8. Batten for roof tiles.
9. Aluminum flashing side top left.
10. Aluminum flashing top left.
11. Solid Solrif photovoltaic module.