Ground-mounted solar power plants

AVENSTON provides general contracting services for the construction of ground-based solar PV power plants. We offer investors our assistance in the design, delivery of a full range of equipment and materials, as well as the implementation of construction, installation and commissioning works and the subsequent operating and maintenance of ground-based power plants.

We provide turnkey services for the construction of solar power stations throughout the territory of Ukraine. We are ready to offer the installation as a typical solar power plant project, as well as to develop an individual variant, which will take into account all the wishes of the customer and peculiarities of the place (object), where the installation will be carried out. Avenston is a real long-term working experience in the Ukrainian solar energy market! If you have ideas and a desire to build a solar power plant in Ukraine – we are ready to implement it!

For commercial purposes in Ukraine, the construction of ground-based solar power plants is quite popular. A big advantage at the terrestrial arrangement of solar panels is that they are easily oriented strictly south with an optimal angle of inclination relative to the surface of the earth, which allows you to get the maximum amount of solar energy. A land-based solar power plant can be expanded in stages to any size as funding becomes available. Land for the construction of a solar power plant can be both in property and in lease. It is also convenient to carry out installation and subsequent maintenance of solar power plants built on the ground.

Main steps of the solar power station construction on ground

Among the services provided by Avenston as part of the implementation of business projects for the construction of ground-mounted solar PV plants, the following steps can be distinguished:

  • Assistance in choosing a suitable site location;
  • Development of the most optimal project implementation concept;
  • Pre-engineering survey work;
  • Assistance in obtaining Technical conditions for connection to external electric grid;
  • Development of a detailed design for the construction of a ground-based solar power station;
  • Selection and supply of basic equipment, materials and components;
  • Construction, installation and commissioning;
  • Putting the facility into operation;
  • Accompanying the processes of obtaining a license for the production of electric energy, issuing a green tariff, signing all the necessary contracts necessary for the sale of electricity.

The schedule of project implementation for a ground-based solar power plant is determined by many factors. First of all, this is the current status of the project, installed capacity and type of solar power station. On average, design takes 2-3 months, equipment delivery – up to 2 months, and construction – from 1 to 4 months. These steps may partially overlap, reducing the overall duration of the project. However, when planning the schedule of the project for the construction of an industrial solar power plant, one must not forget and must take into account the time taken to go through permission procedures, which can significantly affect the overall duration of all stages of work. Turning to the company Avenston, you can expect that all stages of a project lifecycle will be completed as soon as possible without compromising quality and budget.

Types of ground-mounted solar power plants

Performing the work of the general contractor in the construction of a ground-based solar PV power station, Avenston takes into account all the individual characteristics and wishes of the customer. The technical solutions we offer are based on well-known global brands that have long and officially been working in Ukraine. All specialists and contracting organizations involved in the design and construction works have many years of experience and are constantly trained and tested. Our services are not limited to certain types of solar energy facilities. We design and successfully build various types of solar power plants:

  • Utility-scale solar PV power farms with capacity above 1 MWp;
  • Commercial solar power plants with medium and low capacity (up to 1 MWp);
  • Ground-mounted solar power plants for agricultural enterprises;
  • Ground-mounted solar power plants for private households;
  • Fix-tilt solar power plants;
  • Solar power plants with trackers;
  • Other types of ground-mounted solar power supply systems.

Avenston’ services

Solar power plants are one of the key and many times approved competencies for companies belonging to the Avenston group. We provide all necessary services for solar energy projects, starting from the support of the development or pre engineering stages to maintenance of already built photovoltaic power plants or systems. All stages of the implementation of such projects are carried out by us independently or with the involvement of selected partners. In the second case, all key processes are managed and controlled by Avenston’s in-house project managers. List of our solar projects includes a large number of designed and built industrial solar PV power plants, commercial solar power plants as well as home solar power plants. If you have plans to build your own solar power plant of any type and size, please contact Avenston. We will be happy to help you implement your project in the most optimal way.