Energy Efficient Buildings

Avenston offers electrical installation and energy-efficient construction services. We build energy-efficient and passive houses, offices and other commercial buildings according to individual projects of our customers.

The construction of energy-saving buildings involves its own characteristics and nuances. Depending on the specifics of the structure, it is possible to conditionally classify several main varieties of such objects:

  • Low energy buildings that use at least twice less energy than typical structures that comply with current energy standards.
  • Ultra-low energy buildings that use 70-90% less energy than typical. Meet the highest standards and practically do not affect the environment. This technology is the ultra-modern technology of passive houses.
  • Energy generating homes that fully cover their own needs, and the remaining energy can be sold to the local energy company.
  • Buildings with zero CO2 emissions, which fully provide itself with energy from renewable sources, thereby offsetting all the costs of heating, air conditioning, lighting, water supply, ventilation and electrical appliances.

The main feature that combines these technologies is an integrated approach, which is necessary from the beginning of design to the commissioning of the building. This is the main reason why it is better to immediately entrust the construction and supervision to specialists who will accompany the process from the very preparation to the end.

When designing energy-efficient engineering systems, Avenston works closely with recognized leaders in the Ukrainian and European markets with many years of experience in the field of design. If necessary, our experts can perform a technical audit of your project and suggest ways to improve the energy efficiency of the systems provided in it.

To create a comfortable indoor microclimate, company offers the use of water heating/floor cooling systems. Such low-temperature systems evenly distribute heat over the entire surface of the floor, thereby providing maximum comfort and reducing energy consumption. A constant flow of fresh air to all rooms of the house and the outflow of used provides a ventilation system with heat recovery. Thanks to its many years of practical experience in related fields, Avenston effectively uses renewable natural resources and minimizes emissions of harmful substances. Thanks to the installation of specialized equipment, we propose the maximum use of the energy of solar radiation, which will allow in some cases to achieve a negative level of energy consumption.

The building, constructed in accordance with modern energy efficiency standards, saves a significant share of the usual energy costs. New technologies save a huge amount of energy and resources. At the same time, the general indicators of temperature, a favorable microclimate, and air humidity turn out to be an order of magnitude higher than generally accepted and are regulated by the owner of the room. The main goal of building an energy-efficient building is to minimize costs.

The main principles of energy-efficient construction are as follows:

  • Building up a heat-insulating layer;
  • A simple form of the roof and perimeter of the building;
  • Use of warm, environmentally friendly materials;
  • Creation of an effective ventilation system;
  • Use of natural renewable energy;
  • Correct orientation of the building to the cardinal points;
  • Control and exclusion of “cold bridges”;
  • Maximum use of modern technologies and solutions.

Our energy-efficient services

Turnkey construction of ecological buildings is a comprehensive service from Avenston, which saves future owners from many worries. All work processes and control over their implementation will be taken over by our experienced specialists, and the customer only agrees on the details of the project in advance. An energy-saving turnkey home or office is not only a simple, but also economically viable solution. Avenston is the general contractor and coordinator in the construction of energy-efficient facilities. We can also provide support for individual services and systems, such as the development of an integrated engineering infrastructure, internal electrical work, etc.

Construction of buildings and structures

We build and modernize various types of buildings and structures for private and commercial customers. Among the objects that our company has built or is ready to build: private houses, cottages, logistics warehouses, industrial workshops, hangars, shops, gas stations, car washes and service stations, agricultural farms (poultry houses, cowsheds, etc.), elevators, awnings of various types, office buildings, cinemas and more. We work with all types of basements and apply various construction technologies depending on the requirements of the project documentation.

Avenston has extensive practical experience in the construction of buildings and structures for the needs of power and agricultural enterprises. Our construction department is staffed with all the necessary specialists who have the necessary permits and approvals. A valid construction license allows us to perform a large number of construction and installation works and provide related services. Design engineers, managers, installers and the rest of the company’s personnel have the necessary qualifications and many years of experience in construction work.