Mounting structures for ground PV power plants

Avenston can support you with delivery of all kinds of component parts for solar power stations, including such important structure element as stationary supporting metal structures. Proper choice of equipment for solar photovoltaic systems is the key factor of long and trouble-free work of your PV power plant for many years. Mounting structures befit both for off-grid and on-grid solar systems of power supply with roof and surface placing of solar modules.

We have great experience of work with supporting structures of different types. In our projects we used stationary construction elements, made from aluminum, hot-dip-galvanized section steel and cold-galvanized sheet. As basement we used driving and spiral piles, surface concrete blocks and in-ground cast concrete foundations. Also we have large experience in installation of supporting metalwork on skate roofs, flat roofs and so on. We used aluminum, stainless and galvanized wares as clamping elements. Accumulated experience allows us to offer our clients the optimal solution on metalwork, taking into account many factors, such as geologic or geodesic conditions of certain area, wind and snow loads, requirements on tenure of employment, price and even appearance.

We always conduct certain engineering researches and perform necessary calculations before type and material for metalwork is chosen. Our designers pick up the most optimized solutions and components, including analysis and double-check of calculations, provided by suppliers of metalwork, profiles or clamping elements. We often reject some types of metalwork because of their non-conformance to technical design specifications. But also very often we succeed to reverse the situation, finding technical conditions for simplification of the whole construction without quality loss and technical specifications change, that allows to get more attractive price terms or installation timelines.

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