Design of Solar PV Power Plants

Avenston’s knowledge and extensive experience in solar PV design and engineering on projects ensure that we employ the best practices methodology and industry standards specific to your project, while staying up-to-date with the latest technologies and advancements.

Our tools, experience and our meticulous collaborative approach to work with our clients allow to identify solutions to problems before they even arise, giving our customers peace of mind throughout the whole design process. Our expert engineering team brings solar projects to life at an unmatched pace and degree of accuracy. At Avenston, we can support any solar project at any stage of engineering.

Avenston designs and finds the best decisions for construction of photovoltaic power stations and customer systems of power supply of any complication and specification. We offer development of working documentation on a turnkey basis with the obtaining of technical conditions from electricity transmission and other authorities, agreement with all needed instances including undergoing state expertise.

We design all types of solar power plants:

We have all the necessary licenses and permits required for provision of such services. Working with our company, you will get the best solutions, with taking into account all the nuances of your object and the current realities on the market. Project documentation is performed in accordance with applicable national standards and ISO standards and can be quickly agreed with the relevant authorities, which greatly reduces the total time of construction and commissioning of solar power.

Our design department should be solely an individual approach to each customer and working on each project with maximum consideration of all its specificity. Our main advantage — is the fulfillment of the basic design sections of their own, have experience in the design of complex energy facilities, development of several design decisions and their subsequent comparison and justification.