Solar modules

Solar energy is one of the most promising and fast-growing segments of alternative energy sources. It is a renewable and virtually inexhaustible resource, which allows to generate completely clean electrical energy with zero damage to environment and without any residual effect. Solar modules (photovoltaic modules) are the most important part of any solar PV station, they work as the source of electrical energy, generating it from solar radiation converted into electricity. Main advantages of solar batteries are determined by their constructional features: they demonstrate high reliability and electrical characteristics stability. No movable parts design makes solar modules durable, also minimizing maintenance costs.

Solar panels are the most important and most expensive component, used for construction of photoelectric systems of different purposes. Panels are assembled from separate components, so-called solar modules; operation principles of the latter are based on internal photovoltaic effect. Photoelectric module is an energy generating device, which consists of many assembled and electrically interconnected photoelectric solar elements. Generated electric energy is further transported to external load through output terminators. Solar panels can be used in photoelectric supply systems for generation and supply of electrical energy into business and residential areas.

The most important criteria for selecting the manufacturer is:

  • Getting a brand rankings Tier 1 (or Tier 2).
  • The existence of quality insurance from an independent insurance company.
  • The presence of international certificates UL or IEC.
  • The protection of PID degradation.
  • The possibility of receiving the flash report on the initial control for each solar panel you purchased from binding to its serial number.
  • The admission of buyer’s representative to the producer’s plant during the initial control and packaging party solar modules.
  • A number of other technical and commercial factors.

For five years in a row after substantial solar batteries price decline (up to 2,5-3 times)  geographical spread of manufacturing has also changed. With no doubt China is the nowadays leader in photoelectric modules production. Thin-film (flexible) panels take only 6% of the market, and 88% of produced samples have Chinese origin (being manufactured directly in China or made from Chinese components). Policy of photoelectric industry subsidizing and support, to which Chinese government adheres very strictly, allows to raise quality standards for manufactured solar batteries together with substantial producing costs decline. We monitor prices and terms on photoelectric modules market for many years, so our experience will help to pick optimal equipment on the basis of object’s purpose, its operational specifications, maintenance conditions and project budget.

Our understanding of the solar panel’s market is based on years of experience operating solar power plants. Another important fact — our experts have real practical experience in the production of PV modules which further helps us to carry out a careful choice of suppliers and pay attention to those things that are often completely ignored by other distributors. Due to our company often takes part in large-scale projects on construction of commercial solar power plants, we are able to receive exclusive price of many manufacturers of solar modules even in relatively small parties. As a result we can offer you solar panels Tier 1 at a great price or significantly reduce your equipment costs by placing panels tested class Tier 2, which are not inferior to quality of first-class solar modules.

We are ready to offer the best solar panels for your project, taking on all matters concerning shipping, customs clearance, certification and insurance of the goods, and — can act as your commercial agent, arranging for you a direct contract from a reliable and trusted by us manufacturer of solar photovoltaic modules.