Construction of roof-top solar power plants

AVENSTON provides general contracting services for the construction of roof-top solar PV power plants. We offer investors our assistance in the design, delivery of a full range of equipment and materials, as well as the implementation of construction, installation and commissioning works and the subsequent operating and maintenance of roof-top power plants. Our company accumulated a large experience in planning and implementation of the complete cycle of building and installation works, and also in further maintenance of roof photovoltaic stations of a different type, from small private solar stations to large commercial rooftop solar power stations.

We specialize in building commercial roof-top solar power plants. The company operates in B2B format and performs a full range of works on the implementation of the investment construction project as a general contractor. Our services, if necessary, include full support of all licensing and approval procedures necessary to obtain a license for the production of electricity and issue a “green” tariff.

The installation of solar power plants at roofs allows you to get additional income on the free area. Our company will help you to effectively use the roof to generate “solar” electricity. You can use the kW-hours produced in this way for your own needs or sell them to an external electric grid by a special “green” tariff. This type of solar power plants has great prospects since electricity is produced directly near the place of its consumption. At the same time, losses on the transportation of electricity through cables are significantly reduced and the problem of unbalanced production and consumption of electricity is decreased. For example, in the summer, indoor air conditioning systems operate and consume electricity precisely when the maximum values ​​of solar radiation are observed, and, accordingly, the maximum solar generation.

Among the services of Avenston are the following: designing roof-top solar power plants, equipping an object with all necessary equipment, construction and installation works, as well as putting into operation a roof-top solar PV power station.

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