Investments in renewable energy sources

Avenston is involved in attraction of equity capital to clean-tech energy projects to Ukrainian market. We search the best investment opportunities for stakeholders and partners, while opening up the Ukrainian market to global players with sufficient reliability and safety. We work with green field, brown field and shovel ready projects. Specialists of our company will select the best options of project investments, including foreign capital investments that will allow project of any complexity to be completed in time.

Risk Management Strategy

Our team of experts can help customers to select appropriate risk management strategies focused on renewable energies market. Based on the thorough analysis of the current situation of market we will offer an optimal way in terms of timing and costs as well as risks minimization. Long-term strategies are based on comprehensive models of market risks and market performance and their possible impact on financial performance, and include budget recommendations, developmental plans, and more.

Market Researches

We provide extensive research coverage of renewable industry sectors. Our research is analytical, insightful and actionable. Our analysts have more than a decade experience covering Ukrainian clean energy market and are well-versed in technologies, market structure, growth factors, risk profiling and more. Our company offers various services into estimation and research of market environment: competitive analysis; business planning; strategic consulting; technology and equipment examinations; feasibility and technical research for any investment projects in solar energy field.

Market Intelligence and Due Diligence

The right information can make the difference between a deal that creates value and one that destroys it. Our management and research team has deep understanding of local market and legislation, specifics of industry’ sectors, macroeconomic trends and more. With our team, we also provide the invaluable ability to bridge the gap between the local market and well developed markets abroad; we’ll help you understand the local picture and how it fits in the broader global framework.

Mergers&Acquisition Transaction Advisory

Avenston is the respected M&A advisers in clean energy sector. Our experts provide with insight drawn from years of transactional experience. We place the needs of the client first and ensure that every transaction are aimed at unlocking substantial value. Our services include M&A strategy, target screening, due diligence, valuation and merger integration.

Direct Investments

As a focal point for entrepreneurs and business people looking to raise capital in Ukraine, we have access to a large amount of the deals flowing in this region. Once we identify unique opportunities and attractive returns that are often too small for professional investors, Avenston makes a direct investment, either alone or in partnership with our clients.

Asset Management

Avenston has a hands-on management team with years of practical experience in the region. We see the growing demand from foreign investors seeking quality projects in Ukraine and also the support of a team with a proven track record. We use our relationships and international relations to help small- and mid-cap companies grow.

Project Developer Support

Upon request we can offer some additional support for project developers: technologies analysis, scoring & pre-feasibility assessment, technical and financial feasibility and advisory, financial modeling, review of EPC and O&M contracts and contractors.
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Organization of solar panels manufacturing facilities

Avenston company offers its services in support of any complexity projects in the organization of solar panels production and other components used in solar energy (monocrystalline and multicrystalline silicon ingots, wafers, solar cells).
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Opportunities to invest in Ukraine

Ukraine is taking important strides to increase the use of renewable-energy sources and alternative fuels as part of its broader strategy to reduce its reliance on traditional fossil fuels.
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