TYJGLASH Solar Power Plant

AVENSTON company cooperates with the top global manufacturers of equipment for solar power stations on the terms of direct purchasing and service partnership contracts. Having a deep and proven history of cooperation with key brands over the years, we can offer our Customers not only attractive prices but also comfortable conditions for the prompt servicing of equipment in order to provide a direct guarantee.

This contract turned out to be special. AVENSTON appeared the first in Ukraine to deliver innovative string inverters from SMA Solar Technology AG brand – the 75 kW SUNNY HIGHPOWER PEAK1, one of the Intersolar Awards prize-winning products.

SMA SUNNY HIGHPOWER PEAK1 – is a unique technical solution that successfully combines the advantages of the central inverter concept in a decentralized design.

High efficiency, flexible system design, easy installation, intuitive settings, simple commissioning, and low maintenance requirements provide a significant reduction in operating costs of the entire system. The product is determined to be the best in its category in terms of price-quality-efficiency ratio for use in projects of commercial solar power plants.


Our serives

  • Procurement of SMA complete string inverter set;
  • Inverters installation supervision;
  • Commissioning works for solar inverters;
  • Personnel training by AVENSTON and SMA Solar Technology AG engineers;
  • Verification of the correct operation of the equipment


Key project details

  • DC capacity – 6,183 MW (DC)
  • Type of solar plant – on-grid
  • Solar panels – poly-Si
  • String Inverters – SUNNY HIGHPOWER PEAK1 мощностью 75 кВт
  • Structures – ground mounted, fixed
  • Location – Transcarpathian region, Ukraine

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