Sukhe solar power plant

Project details:

  • Status – completed
  • Capacity – 16,38 kW
  • Roof surface – 114 sq.m.
  • Technology – poly-Si
  • Mounting structures – fixed
  • Construction period – 2016

A private rooftop solar photovoltaic plant (PV plant, PV system) was installed to sell electricity using a “green” tariff option. This object was built in the second half of 2016 on the territory of a private household. The solar power plant is designed using grid-connected inverters and polycrystalline silicon modules (solar panels). The total power of the photovoltaic modules installed on the roof is 16.38 kW.

Among the services we have provided are the following:

  • 3D shading modeling,
  • Pre-design calculation of mechanical loads,
  • Power generation simulation in PVSYST,
  • Design of a solar power plant,
  • Supply of equipment and materials,
  • Turnkey construction and installation works,
  • Commissioning works,
  • Registration of a “green” tariff for private households,
  • Service and warranty.

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