Avenston Group, as a co-investor and technical partner, is taking part in the implementation of an investment project for the construction of a new high-tech ground-based photovoltaic power plant. This on-grid solar power plant will be built in the second half of 2021 and connected to power transmission networks in order to sell all generated electricity at a “green” tariff.

Currently, work is being completed on the preparation and approval of all the necessary project documentation. The project provides for the use of the largest possible share of materials and equipment made in Ukraine, as well as the use of the most advanced photovoltaic technologies to increase the efficiency of converting solar radiation energy into electrical energy. The construction of the facility will be completed within 2021.

O&M Services for Solar Power Plants

High-quality operation and maintenance (O&M) are one of the main ways to ensure the most highly efficient operation of a solar power plant. AVENSTON prepared an overview of the major malfunctions and their impact on solar power plant performance.
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ReneSola PV modules: high performance and the smallest power drop

Avenston specialists compared the main characteristics of PV modules produced by ten largest world manufacturers on the Ukrainian market.
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What area is required to build a solar PV power plant?

One of the issues that may arise when planning a future solar power plant is the required area for the mounting of solar panels.
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Key trends of solar energy in Ukraine

CEO of the Ukrainian industrial company Avenston spoke about the key trends of solar energy next year in Ukraine in the first issue of the Ecology of the Enterprise Magazine for 2019.
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