Motovylivka solar power plant

Project details:

  • Status -100% completed
  • Power – 12 kW
  • Roof area – 120 square meters
  • Technology – multi-Si
  • Structure – fixed.

This private solar power-station (photo-electric station or PV-station) was built in the first semester of 2016 for sales of electric power into general grid on “green” tariff rates. The object is located in Fastiv district of Kyiv oblast’. Total power capacity of photo-electric modules, installed on private household territory, is 12 kW.

Company from our group, working as general contractor on the project of solar power station construction, provided following services:

  • 3D-modelling of shading zones.
  • Pre-project calculations on mechanical loading parameters.
  • Operational modelling of generation amounts of electric power, using special PVSYST software environment.
  • Project design of the solar power-station.
  • Necessary supply of equipment, component parts and raw materials.
  • Starting-up, adjustment and comissioning works.

Moreover, our specialists transfered the station into operation and maintenance phase and helped with papers processing to receive green tariff licence for a private household. To date the photo-electric station is completely operational and works on “green” tariff.

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