KOMYSHUVATE Solar PV Power Plant

KOMYSHUVATE PV power plant was designed and launched by our group as a full-cycle EPC-contractor. We performed all work on this facility, starting from getting grid permissions and up to the commissioning and green tariff obtaining. This terrestrial solar power station was built to increase eco-clean electric power production and further  profit-making from green tariff sales. Power station is projected with application of string invertors and poly-Si solar modules.

KOMYSHUVATE PV power plant has total capacity 4,22 MW. The first stage of this PV power plant with capacity 1,05 MW was designed and launched by our group as a full-cycle EPCcontractor in 2017. The second stage of the Komyshuvate station with capacity 3,116 MW is under construction now. The company has performed all engineer and design works efficiently and qualitatively, organized procurement of the main equipment for the customer on favorable terms and started construction. The COD date for the 2nd stage is by the end of 2019.

Key project details:

  • DC power:  4,216 MWp
  • Stage:   1st stage is 100% completed, 2nd stage is under construction
  • Construction completion:   2017, 2019
  • Type of solar plant:   on-grid (10 kV)
  • Solar panels:   poly-Si
  • Inverters:  SMA Tripower 60 kW, SMA Sunny Tripower SHP-75 kW
  • Structures:  Ground mounted, fixed, screw-piles
  • Plant area:   2+6 ha
  • Location:   Kirovograd region, Ukraine

List of our services:

  • Feasibility study
  • Pre-design surveys
  • Technological solutions analysis and selection
  • Electrical engineering, detailed design (PV, LV, MV)
  • Equipment Procurement and Logistics
  • Construction and commissioning works
  • Grid connection
  • Licensing and green tariff support
  • O&M services

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