Hotel and restaurant complex ME&WE

The idea behind this development project is to build a unique hotel and restaurant complex for aesthetic recreation. The main goal is to create such an atmosphere that would allow visitors to lose their sense of time, feel detached from everything, completely relax and be alone with themselves.

Every person needs personal space. In which he can feel comfortable, be himself, work, be creative, create and relax. It is in our own space that we find peace, time to think about ourselves and our future life plans and goals. It is in our own space that we feel the inspiration to create, create and create something new.

In addition to personal space, a person also needs a society. A common space where you can find like-minded people, attend various events of interest, spend time in the company of good people.

отельно-ресторанный комплекс

The concept of the complex is based on the basic principle that the visitor is free to choose and himself determines the degree of time spent in personal space or in general. In fact, as in life, we share the social life among people and the private life at home. It is planned to create two spaces in our complex: separate cottages and a common area in the form of a restaurant. Clients will be able to be a user of each of these spaces both separately and jointly.

The hotel and restaurant complex will be located in a 20-minute drive from Kiev. The territory of the complex provides a convenient transport interchange. There is a pine forest along the border of the site. The summer area of ​​the restaurant, if desired, can be quickly converted into a summer cinema or stage. The landscape park not only corresponds to the concept of the complex, but at the same time independently attracts attention with an artificial reservoir and the placement of art installations.

More detailed information on the project and key financial indicators are available upon request.

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