Biomass Power Plant

Detailed business plan for the construction of biomass power plants in the Kirovograd region has been developed. Electric power of the plant is 3,5 MW. As biofuel is supposed to use agro-industrial wastes. The following services were performed during the project:

  • The conditions of the project in accordance with the current FIT legislation, based on local content requirements for biomass power plants;
  • The possible markets for electrical energy produced by biomass power plants;
  • The conditions for the work of producers of electricity from alternative sources in the wholesale electricity market;
  • Feasibility study of the project, including the three options developed the project and provided a list of all the necessary activities for each of the options;
  • Matched technological and auxiliary equipment providing the most rational financial plan for the project;
  • Defined financial and economic indicators of the project taking into account the existing risks;
  • Performed SWOT and PESTEL analysis of the project;
  • Developed a detailed business model of the project;
  • On the basis of the developed business models offer the best solution on the concept of building biomass power plants.

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