Biomass boiler for heating industrial enterprise

Reconstruction of the biomass boiler room in Kyiv oblast. Thermal power of the 1st stage of the plant is 500 kW, for the 2nd stage – 1500 kW. As expected the use of the biomass chips and pellets from agricultural rests. Feasibility study of the project «Reconstruction of the biomass boiler heat output of 2 MW» was prepared. 

As part of this project were the following works:

  • The examination of the subject, and the collection of baseline data.
  • The analysis of the comparative performance of different biofuels, obtained and analyzed offers suppliers of raw materials and options for the delivery and storage of biofuels.
  • Search combustion equipment selected fuel type, the receipt and analysis of proposals of producers and suppliers of equipment for several options reconstruction of the boiler:
    • boiler reconstruction with the transition to solid biofuels;
    • partial transition to biofuels to cover the base of the chart thermal loads, peak loads are covered by a gas boiler.
  • Defined financial and economic indicators of the project taking into account the existing risks.
  • Prepared a financial model for the selected option reconstruction of the object.

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