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Avenston is looking for employees to work in the solar energy sector. We have some awesome jobs for both techies and managers in purchasing, sales and marketing. One prerequisite is knowledge of English at a level not lower than intermediate.

We consider candidates with experience in the field of renewable energy sources, as well as those who have recently graduated from university and are looking for their first job. If you are interested in employment, have enthusiasm and desire to develop in the clean energy field, please write to us at hr@avenston.com. It will be interesting.

More details about work at Avenston.

Работа в солнечной энергетике

Ukraine is an attractive market for investment

Investment is the main driver of economic development. The most important factor influencing their increase is the formation of an optimal climate for investors in the country.
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Solar energy market in Ukraine

Solar energy market in Ukraine: Analysis of current situation and review of opportunities for collaboration from experts in the field of solar PV industry
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Solar energy engineering and beyond

Your attention is invited to an interview with Sergey Druzenko, the Director of Avenston Engineering. This company implements projects in the field of solar energy, and is also engaged in the implementation of modern MEP systems.
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Digitalization in the energetics – opportunities and technologies

Why is there so much hope for the use of digital technologies in the energetics? Is this not a new “favorite doll” we are offered to play with by huge IT corporations having almost unlimited global financial capabilities and influence? Why is the RES energy trend associated with the trend of the virtual technologies that cannot be “touched”?
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