We are looking for partners in the field of solar energy

We invite professional installers of solar power plants (rooftop and ground-based solar power plants of small and medium power) to partnership. We are looking for general contractors and installers to place our internal orders and to work together on external orders. If you are interested in long-term cooperation with AVENSTON GROUP, please fill out this form. As a result, you will receive our feedback on possible ways of cooperation.

Avenston is a Ukrainian group of companies specializing in consulting, investing and implementing renewable energy technologies. Key areas of activity: solar energy, wind energy, bioenergy, hydropower, geothermal energy.

RES implementation: standalone and network solutions

Over the last decade, the development of renewable energy sources (RES) has been at a pace that outstrips any other energy sources. Today, RES has reached a certain level of maturity and greater financial attractiveness than traditional technology.
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Galvanic Corrosion Considerations for PV Arrays

Photovoltaic modules are designed for an operational life span of more than 25 years in the field. The design of the entire installation, not just these expensive components, should target a similar life span.
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Investment in solar energy

Solar energy is another fun for rich countries and a question of the distant future, or is it a real opportunity, despite the difficult economic and political conditions of today's Ukraine, to make money now?
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The usage of the Gantt chart for the design and construction of solar power plants

The project schedule is an important tool for managing the construction of a solar energy facility. It allows the project manager to plan the delivery of equipment and materials to the construction site, to synchronize the work of carriers and subcontractors, it is important for monitoring the construction process and project costs, to anticipate and prevent possible delays. Using the project schedule is much more effective than just a list-calendar of events
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