Rooftop Solar PV Power Plants

The solar energy market in Ukraine is undergoing a transformation phase. The large land-based industrial PV power plants, quite popular recently, are now beginning to gradually lose their attractiveness due to the recent and planned changes in the legislative sphere regulating this industry. However, the analysis of global trends also clearly confirms that solar energy is moving towards distributed generation and prosumerism.

According to the forecasts of AVENSTON’s analysts, commercial rooftop solar PV power plants will gain more and more popularity in Ukraine in the period 2020-2025. And each year the share of solar power plants designed for own needs (self consumption) will increase since it does not require complicated procedures for working on “green” tariff. Such systems do not need transformers to connect to 10 or 35 kV networks and can do without the metering system if the peak generation does not exceed the current electricity consumption. This makes the solar power plant simpler and cheaper, thereby reducing the payback period of such projects.

All over the world in recent years, the number of new solar photovoltaic systems installed on roofs has increased significantly. Energy storage systems allow consumers to accumulate electricity generated by solar photovoltaic cells on the roof and consume it later when necessary, or to sell it on the grid. This makes solar photovoltaic panels on roofs more economically attractive than buying electricity from power grids.

Following global trends, AVENSTON enters into 2020 with several projects of rooftop solar PV power plants, which are now at the design stage. There are both projects with the generation of electricity for sale at the “green” tariff, and power plants operating on local consumption. Despite the fact the last several years in Ukraine the most actively developed segment of ground industrial solar power plants, our team has gained extensive practical experience of participating in roof projects. At different times, our employees designed and built such commercial rooftop solar PV power plants as “Track-Solar”, “Vidrodjeniia”, “Rivnianska -160”, “Vilkhovets ”, as well as dozens of private rooftop solar power plants. Currently, AVENSTON designing own administrative complex, on the roofs of which highly efficient solar photo modules will be installed to generate electricity for company needs. Besides, more recently, the company appeared as co-investors of the first in Ukraine solar cooperative “Solar Town” from the city of Slavutych.

We urge a more active movement towards “green” distributed generation. AVENSTON is ready to help you at all stages of the project for the construction of a roof-top solar power station: from pre-design calculations and feasibility studies to construction, commissioning and service support. Our professional experience in project implementation of rooftop PV solar power stations will allow you to avoid possible errors and delays by providing the most effective schedules and construction budgets. AVENSTON is your reliable partner in the construction of rooftop PV power plants.


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