Niwaki nursery

Avenston is looking for an operational partner for the joint implementation of Niwaki nursery project in the Kiev region, Ukraine.

Trees and shrubs in modern gardens are shaped and trimmed regularly, adopting and developing ideas from Japanese gardens. Such formed garden trees are called niwaki (from the Japanese characters for “tree” and “garden”). Unlike the similar term “bonsai”, niwaki are grown outdoors directly in the garden. At the same time, the principles of shaping plants in bonsai and niwaki are largely similar.

Topiary art and niwaki is an active process of endless self-development and implementation of creative ideas. The real beauty of niwaki appears 4-8 years after starting to work with plants. The term depends on the type and variety of plants from which the niwaki are created. You can reduce it by using the services of specialized nurseries that grow both not finished trees for niwaki and offer already fully formed plants, ready for transplanting into your garden.

Niwakis are formed from both deciduous and coniferous plants. The older the tree, the more it is valued. Niwaki can be of different heights. Often several plants of different height are planted nearby, making up compositions from them. It is important to achieve visual harmony between plants with different characters. The garden must be beautiful all year round.

At this stage, we own a land plot with an area of ​​1.5 hectares and funds to finance or co-finance this project. We are looking for a partner with knowledge of agricultural technology for growing coniferous plants and experience in business for growing and selling plants. The following options are being considered:

  • Our group provides a land plot, invests 100% in the project. The partner takes over the technological part of the project management, but does not participate in financing or
  • Our group provides a land plot, invests from 60% in the project. The partner takes over the technological part of project management and partially participates in the financing of the project (up to 40%).
  • Other forms of partnership can be discussed.

Preference is given to partners who have experience of successful business in the field of growing and selling ornamental plants in other regions of Ukraine.

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