Looking for new employees!

In connection with the expansion of the scope of activities, the Avenston group of companies is looking for new employees. We have been working in the Ukrainian market for over 10 years and are one of the leading players specializing in the implementation of projects using renewable energy technologies. In 2021, we continue to work on the launch of several new business activities that require an expansion of the team.

We are currently looking for candidates for the following positions:

  • Sales manager for the operation and maintenance of solar power plants
  • Sales manager for design and installation of engineering systems
  • Director
  • Business Development Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Junior Analyst (RES)

If you want to join our team and are ready to strengthen it, please send your CV to hr@avenston.com or call +380 (66) 508-07-64. We consider resumes in which the desired position (vacancy) is clearly indicated, there is a photo of the applicant and information about the target salary range. A short cover text about you and your goals will be an advantage. For more information on working at Avenston, follow this link.

Fuel briquettes

Special additional binding substances are absent. Wooden fuel pellets, as well as other types of biomass-based pellets, do not contain any harmful additives themselves
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Solar generation: growth forecasts

New analytical data on the results of global renewables development in 2018 forced the scientists to change their previous forecasts. Electricity generation at PV stations will become a key contributor to overall electricity generation soon, but the main segment of the entire global power grid as well.
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Solar Energy

Solar energy is one of the areas of renewable energy, which is based on the direct conversion of solar energy into other forms of energy, such as electricity or heat.
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Agrivoltaics – Synergy of the Earth and the Suns

Now, with the development of PV technology, agrivoltaics becomes mainstream and opens up new, unprecedented prospects for the development of commodity agricultural production, while simultaneously solving the problems of energy supply for these processes. And not only them.
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