Agroenergy business as a potential engine of the Ukrainian economy

The trend of a healthy lifestyle is no longer something new or unusual. Around the world, great attention is paid to creating and maintaining a comfortable living environment, necessary to increase life expectancy through improving its quality. The problems of ecology and efficient energy consumption, the focus on proper and balanced nutrition, as well as many other similar issues, are becoming increasingly important and relevant for all of us. Ukraine has huge potential, not just to follow global trends, but also to become a leader in some areas. Great opportunities are present in our country for the active development of agriculture, renewable energy sources, development and implementation of other modern technologies in various industries, including information technology.

Despite the general lag of our economy from the leading countries, Ukraine implements more and more modern innovative projects every year. Thus, over the past few years, we have witnessed a boom in renewable energy. In terms of the growth rate of installed capacity and the total number of solar power plants, our state has taken a worthy place among other countries. However, even against the backdrop of these successes, we still face acute problems such as replacing obsolete traditional energy facilities operating on fossil sources, as well as environmental problems (especially for large industrial cities). Moreover, a high standard of living and access to quality and healthy nutrition for many are still unattainable. As a result, someone chooses labor or permanent immigration, while someone stays and tries to turn the tide in the country for the better.

One of the ways available to us is systematic innovative development, including through projects that combine high-tech agribusiness, modern efficient energy consumption technologies and clean green generation with the widest possible use of renewable energy sources. Examples of such projects are already quite a lot around the world. Some of them find their application in Ukraine.

Based on the experience of our company in solar power, we could not ignore such a hybrid direction as agrivoltaics. AVENSTON experts estimated that due to the symbiosis of technology, solar stations could occupy the same land on which agricultural products are grown. Whereby, an increase in total commodity production is achieved, both in the form of agricultural products, and in the form of clean renewable energy, which can be used for the needs of the agriculture as well. The development of agrivoltaic technologies, means of a whole range of distributed solar generation tools, combined into mini-systems with additional equipment for accumulating excess energy of day and night, is an excellent scheme for optimizing the work of the country’s energy system, in the conditions of the inevitable increase the share of variable generation using RES.

AVENSTON Group in the second half of 2019 made an important decision on a strategic move towards projects that integrate modern advanced technologies that aim to create a comfortable living environment. To study and master new technologies, we plan to select and support several startups in the relevant areas. If you have ideas, access to technology, think in the same direction as we do, we invite you to dialogue and search for mutually beneficial forms of cooperation.

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