Technical Due Diligence

Since 2010, our company has been engaged in investment project management, and also participates in fundraising, offering deep industry expertise and an optimal balance of competencies, including legal, technical, financial and marketing knowledge and experience. Our partners and clients include domestic and foreign investors, as well as developers and project owners. By contacting Avenston, you can order the necessary services and receive professional support in such areas as technical expertise of the investment portfolio and technical audits of individual projects or assets.

Avenston carries out work on the full technical inspection of facilities of any type. It is no secret that over time, any equipment loses its original characteristics. For a more accurate analysis of the real state of it’s operation and the identification of possible defects, we help performing one-off and periodic technical inspections and due diligences. It can be a step before starting the operational management for new assets.

Technical Due Diligence for your photovoltaic power plants as well as many other projects can evaluate and shows the following risks:

  • Define and assess all relevant risks for the financing bank or for the investors to demonstrate the quality of the project
  • Incorrect system design, false component selection or incomplete documentation endanger the success of a project
  • Overly optimistic yield forecasts from equipment providers lead to misjudgements while making an investment decision
  • Unfavorable clauses in contracts can pose a financial risk for the investor (e.g. unfeasible project schedules in EPC contracts, disadvantageous O&M contracts, etc.)
  • Incorrect and defective installation despite good and detailed project planning

How are risks for the project identified and evaluated?

  • Examination of the entire technical documentation for integrity and plausibility according to recognized standards by experienced experts
  • Evaluation of the project and benchmarking of the result with valid values from proven forecasting procedures; optional performance analysis of the existing investments
  • Examination and evaluation of all relevant contracts from a technical and economic point of view as well as recommendations on how to secure them
  • On-site inspection by sectoral experts with technical expertise to uncover all potential risks due to faulty installation and implementation (also for systems in operation)

Your advantages of technical due diligence by Avenston:

  • Cooperation with well-known partners who, by means of the jointly developed standard products, can handle every project with regard to the individual needs of each client
  • Avenston provides absolute transparency regarding the costs of a technical due diligence and the scope of services to be expected
  • Economical method to carry out professional risk assessments even for smaller investments
  • As our customer you have access to a tested and proven network of experts with many years of experience
  • As a Avenston customer you get exclusive conditions and discounts and independent advice from qualified staff

Technical audits of renewable energy assets

Based on its many years of experience in the solar energy sector, Avenston offers professional technical support for renewable energy projects. We provide services for the technical audit of solar power plants, carry out a technical assessment of such assets, accompany transactions for the sale and purchase of renewable energy facilities, and help to eliminate the comments identified during the technical audits.