Asset and Facility Management

We offer operational management of assets – renewable energy power plants, industrial enterprises, commercial real estate, agricultural enterprises and others. Professional management will increase the profitability of your asset by optimizing all business processes, qualified management of budgets, risks, human resources, a deep understanding of country specifics, as well as the use of modern management tools and technologies. Legal and accounting support, tax planning, budgeting, recruitment and training of personnel, sales and marketing, quality control of all processes, maintenance and many other activities are part of our asset management services.

Our company implements own standards for managing typical assets, which allows us to optimize costs and improve quality for all business processes. By entrusting the management of your asset, you not only free up your time, but also get an increase in profits by transferring the management of objects to a professional team of managers with many years of experience in supporting such projects. By contacting Avenston, you will receive qualified support in the following areas:

  • Operational facility management
  • Sales and marketing management
  • Financial, cost and tax management
  • Organization of timely scheduled and unscheduled maintenance
  • Optimization of business processes and elimination of bottlenecks
  • Quality control
  • Full control and compliance with current legal regulations and requirements

Renewable Energy Assets’ Management

Based on many years of experience in the solar energy sector, Avenston offers professional management services for renewable energy assets and facilities.
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Business Processes Optimization

Avenston helps to transform and optimize operations. We focus on the opportunities that maximize competitive advantage of assets and projects as well as strengthen the connection between operations and strategy. 
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Asset management helps to monitor and manage assets using a systemised approach. Managed effectively, the benefits include improvements to productivity and efficiency which places a business in a better position to increase their return on investment. Buildings, plant machinery and equipment tools – in fact, anything that is tangible or intangible, can be effectively managed from one central point. This helps to ensure that they’re being utilised efficiently, allowing for performance to be reviewed and helping to prevent any unnecessary, additional costs being incurred due to incidents such as unscheduled downtime. Asset management encompasses a holistic view of the entire lifecycle of an asset – from design and implementation through to renewal and disposal.

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