Audit of engineering systems

Avenston performs an assessment of the existing engineering systems of the facility in order to identify possible defects, problems and inconsistencies. An audit of engineering systems is carried out to prepare work to bring systems to a state that meets the requirements of regulatory documents, operational safety, as well as, if necessary, development or modernization.

 The engineering systems of buildings and objects include:

  • Power supply systems, including guaranteed
  • Grounding and lightning protection systems
  • Ventilation and climate control systems
  • Dispatching systems
  • Telecommunication systems

During the audit of engineering systems, the following works are carried out:

  • Analysis of technical and operational documentation
  • Analysis of the functioning of engineering systems
  • Assessment of correct operation
  • Analysis of the condition of the equipment in comparison with its passport data
  • Identification of the main problem areas and recommendations for their modernization
  • Development of recommendations for possible modernization of engineering systems

After the audit, the customer receives objective information about the state of the object’s systems, prepared by the experts of our company. The results of an audit of engineering systems are usually the following documents:

  • Report on the current state of the engineering infrastructure and the resource of components of the main engineering equipment, identified problems and possible risks of their impact on the operation of the facility
  • Recommendations for resolving detected problems
  • Recommendations for the modernization of engineering systems

Technical Due Diligence

Avenston carries out work on the full technical inspection of facilities. For a more accurate analysis of the real state of it's operation and the identification of possible defects, we help performing one-off and periodic technical inspections and due diligences.
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Technical audit of solar power plants

The company Avenston carries out work on the full technical inspection of solar power plants of any type.
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