Investment consulting and financing

Avenston contributes to the development of the renewable energy industry and provides comprehensive support at all stages of the project life cycle. One of our services is the comprehensive support and the establishment of mutually beneficial relations between developers, potential investors and other interested in project participants.

In cooperation with project owners, our company helps to attract the necessary financial resources to an existing project. Our services include the full support of developers, namely, the preparation and description of an investment plan, the development of the most effective business models for attracting investments and the design of a business plan for the project, followed by the involvement of domestic or foreign investors in the project, and full support of the formal aspects in the agreement between the customer and investors.

For potential investors, we offer numerous opportunities for profitable investment of finance, namely: finding and selecting projects for investment, analyzing the investment attractiveness of projects in accordance with investor expectations, calculating the optimal business model of investing in selected projects, ensuring reduction of financial risks for the investor.

Avenston helps to find RES assets and projects in Ukraine in accordance with the individual requirements of investors. We’re searching for assets and projects in Ukraine according to individual requirements of investors. We’re working in both directions, such as: active searching of projects, access provision to our own database of actual RE projects in Ukraine. Our company will help you to buy assets in Ukraine, protect your interests at each stage of the agreement with the best conditions for you. We will help to find solar power stations both full-functional and ready for construction works upon your request. We are able both to pick up the most suitable solar station project for your needs and provide with our professional estimation in all technical and financial aspects. Our key advantages are the following:

  • Many years of practical experience in RE projects implementation in Ukraine.
  • Own database with up-to-date information on available investment projects of Ukrainian developers.
  • Own system of preliminary evaluation and expertise of projects.
  • Deep knowledge of industry and a wide range of contacts that allow you to find potential investment objects effectively in accordance with investors’ criteria.
  • Partnership with key developers and local EPC companies.

Based on its professional experience, Avenston provides with expert piece of advice at all stages of the implementation of projects and solutions related to renewable energy sources. We offer a variety of assessment services and market research: competitive analysis, feasibility study and technical testing for any investment projects. In close cooperation with leading industry players, the company is involved in the solar energy business. The main competence of our company is the experience in successful implementation of projects for the construction of industrial solar power plants. We are able and know exactly how to build a turnkey PV power plant – from acquiring land and obtaining all the necessary permits to connect the facility to the power grid. Your investment will be as efficient as possible with us, that`s for sure!

Attracting investment in renewable energy projects

Avenston contributes the capital attraction to the projects related to implementation of renewable energy sources and implementation of energy efficient technologies in Ukraine. We provide comprehensive consultations and accompany capital raising agreements for local developers. Our key advantages are:

  • Practical experience in turnkey implementation of renewable energy projects in Ukraine.
  • Deep understanding of foreign investors’ requirements and expectations.
  • Professional project management and coordination of the whole process of investment.
  • Project support at any stages of is life-cycle.

Based on its professional experience Avenston provides qualified consulting support at all stages of implementation of your projects. We offer various services including competitive analysis, business planning, strategic consulting, technology and equipment examinations.

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